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Bay Shore High School 1998 Class Reunion$ 100.00
When:Friday, July 13th 7pm
Where:Captain Bill's
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Bay Shore High School 1998 Class Reunion$ 100.00
It's been 20 years since we walked the halls of Bay Shore High School;... It's time to reconnect! What better way than to throw a reunion party which also allows us to support the local Bay Shore community in need, the BSHS scholarship fund and of course each other? This is going to be a fantastic party that you will not want to miss! I want to see all your faces - let's go!

Any questions, please email

When:07/13/2018 7pm
Where:Captain Bill's
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Kerry Nelson (Blumenauer)
Joseph Baglio
Stacey Lyman (Mooney)
Melanie Carrero (Niemi)
Jamie Kenedy (Morrissey)
Bill Parker
Diana Not From Bay Shore Ippoliti (Fraccalvieri)
Thomas Fraccalvieri
Theresa Noon (Sanders)
Julia Dawson (Diver)
Kate Rettaliata (Meehan)
James Did Not Attend BSHS (Ropenus)
Susan Coughlin (Ropenus)
Mary Beth Romeo
Nicole Braxton
Christian Haag
Justin Martinich
Heather Stange (Sabatino)
Mike Sabatino
Richard Jordan
Emily Did Not Attend Bay Shore (ONeill)
Rory ONeill
Gina D'Antonio (Rendon)
Philip Dibble
Adam Shea
LaQuan Plowden(my Husband, Didn't Go To (Plowden)
Mia Small (Plowden)
Jonathan Dignon
Zarinah Williams (Powell)
Diana Valentin
Joe Saadat
Rich Azzopardi
Kate My Wife. Didn't Graduate From B (butler-azzopardi)
Kelly Kavanagh (Brancato)
Faith Brewster
William Collins
Crista Johnson (Kane)
Marisa Baglio
Michael Baglio
Charles Parker
Kimberly Van Dina (Sheerin)
Anthony Arland
Sandra Rosabella
Christina Sprague (Mendolia)
Jennifer Ortmuller (LaLima)
Michael Silva
Tammy Mazza
Brooke Coughlin (Pitta)
Joe Llanos
Total 49